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Saturday, 6 July 2019



Here we are sharing Top 5 Water Sports in Goa. For Locals and Tourist there are plenty of water sports activities which are filled with Fun and Adventure. So here is the list of top 10 water sports in Goa, You Should try it at least once in a lifetime.

1. Thrilling jet ski ride

It is The Best Water Sports in GoaHaving fun is everyone wants and needs. Spending quality time in vacation is enjoyable moment for everyone.For that Thrilling jet ski ride is for you.High speed of jet ski is thrilling activities which will be guided by the expert which ensure your safety guarantee. .If you want to enjoy you must visit. It will give you the ultimate satisfaction and make you relax.

2. Sky High Parasailing

If your ever wanted to fly in sky without any wings. Sky High Parasailing is there for you. Its a great sports for adventure lover.Your parachutes will be connected with the boat which will drag you and lift you to the top in sky.It will take you to the high with the safety equipment .This is also a one of the best water sports in Goa where you can celebrate your vacation. Sky High Parasailing would be the best adventure that you can't resist in life.

3. Flash speed boat ride

Speed is the main factor when it comes to fun and enjoy. High speed is always prefer in enjoyment. So when it comes for speed in water. Flash speed boat is one water sports in Goa that you should not miss.Riders are being seated and stand at the boat and enjoy the high speed of boat that goes to quickly and fast towards.If you are keen with  with speed then you must come to sea water.

4. Banana Ride

Banana ride is as fascinate as its name itself. It's in Banana shape. child and adults mostly attract towards it. Riders sit on Banana shape boat and boat starts to move forward with the speed and riders are being attached each others with rope, and this moment will give you best pleasure in your life.Banana ride is the water sports in Goa that attract tourist towards it.

5.Bouncing Bumper ride

Goa is famous for its enjoyment and its scenario . Among the top water Sports in Goa ,Bouncing Bumper ride is one of them. It's always the primary choice for tourist to enjoy and refreshment. Every age group of people can enjoy its ride. Bumper ride bounce and raises the riders when the boat comes in speed, Thus riders feels like they are flying. Every ride is only occur with the all safety measures.

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