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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

How can you spend a week in Goa?

How can you spend a week in Goa?
Now, this must come to you as an absurd question but this is true even in a state like Goa which is the dream place for a lot of youngsters, as well as middle-aged people, at times people tend to think about their itineraries for Goa. If you are out there for a weekend, it might be a good time and you might not think much about anything but when at the same time you make a plan of an entire week it is very much relatable with the problem faced by many.
From the sparkling beautiful beaches to Goa’s weather everything is exceptionally good and you would definitely love being here. The place has a plethora of cuisines and other things that will help the people make the most of their time here. But if you are confused with anything here is the favorable itinerary that you can follow to have a blast.

Day 1
Split your days into different sections. Let the Day 1 be the best one for you. On your first day what you can do is hire a bike and take a tour of the entire northern region of Goa. North Goa is pretty and you would definitely love the place. Start your journey with visiting the:
  • Coco Beach which is situated on the verge of Nerul River. The place is quiet and you can enjoy some time with nature. People come here in order to get the serenity and beauty in their veins. This is one of the top beaches for couples.

  • Goa is not just famous for beaches, there are some other historic buildings as well. So just check out Aguda Fort which is one of the best in the place. 

  • You can also reach out to the Panaji Handicraft Emporium which is another attraction out here. The Emporium is here for a long time now and you would definitely love spending time in this place.

  • Next on your list should be the Mayem Lake. This lake is famous in the locals as you may find a lot of people coming here to enjoy boating. While coming to this place you can also visit the Taleshwar Temple because it is going to give you the time to devote your prayers to the lord.The lake is considered to be one of the romantic places in Goa.

  • Coming on to the beautiful beaches, you can now spend the entire day at Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, and Calangute Beach. All of these three are well organized and maintained. You will surely see a good crowd in all these places as these beaches are easily accessible and people love to spend some time on the beach while the sun is up.

Day 2
The next day you can take up the entire trip of South Goa. You should definitely have a day or two, for entirely visiting the southern Goa. Don’t start off with the beaches here or you might just be totally engrossed with them.
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus that is present here and take a stroll around this ages-old building. While coming here do not forget to visit the Cathedral as well. Goa has a majority of Christians in their backyard so churches are more to be found than any other worship place.

  • Shri Manguesh, Priol, Shri Shantadurga Temple, Kavlem,Ancestral Goa (Big Foot), Loutolim are also a few that should be on cards. Just check out the crowd before you leave for these places. At times you might see a lot of people who would just come here for some sightseeing expedition.

  • After spending some quality time out here in all of these you can then proceed to the Colva Beach and Miramar Beach. Check out the best beaches in Goa.

Day 3, 4, and 5
Now you have already visited the best places in the town you can now freely roam to a bit offbeat place or check out some places that are on the edge of Goa.
  • Do not forget to visit the DudhSagar Falls. Although you might find a waterfall which might not interest you much but trust me, if you come here, the pristine beauty of the place is enough for you to have a blast.

  • Then the next option that lies for you to visit is the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Taking a tour or a safari will suffice your time and yes you would definitely enjoy it here.

  • Moreover, if you haven’t had a blast yet, just check out the Dolphin Fantasy Cruise. It is one hell of a place for visitors. You are going to get the most memorable time of your life.So do not miss this one.

  • Also, take a stroll to the Sahakari Spice Farm. It might not be on your list but because you have time, just put it on your list now.

  • And yes, coming to a distant place and not shopping at all will be something that is not sufficing your trip isn’t it? So get your traveling boots on and come to the place. You can opt for the Goa packages for family. This will help you enjoy much more than you would have ever thought.

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