Top 10 Recruitment Agencies In Bangalore To Find Your Dream Job

Yesterday one of my friends Whatsapped me for finding a suitable job for one of her friend. We had a brief chat and I suggested her that going through Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai would open a door for her friend. As per my personal experience, in indian city like Bangalore, Mumbai,Pune,Hyderabad,Delhi, there are only four prominent ways of landing to any job and they are 

1) Personal Network

The fastest way to get into any job in india is via a personal network like facebook ,whatsapp. If you know someone in that company then you may get that job in no time or maybe you’ll be called for an interview. The reason why this method works so flawlessly is that 80% of the jobs are not advertised anywhere and hiring through personal network which builds the trust factor. You can build a personal network by going to various networking programs like by joining Executive Recruitment Association, or MTHR, or your industry specific events. You can also expand your network through Linkedin.

2) Recruitment Agencies

Second best chance of landing your dream job is through a recruitment agency . They act as a mediator between employer and job seeker. Hiring a good candidate for any company is an expensive affair. Therefore many companies outsource this task to third-party recruiting agencies. You can submit your resume to these agencies and wait for their call. Also, you can even fix a meeting with them for personal meeting and look for suitable openings or guidance. Also, you can attend their Meetup group events for networking. I have provided 14 of such recruiting agencies. The list is not limited to what I have provided, you can Google for more.

Top 10 Recruitment Agencies In Bangalore 

  1. Talents Hunter
Talents Hunter team is Involved entirely of experienced recruitment professionals who have a highly developed network of recruitment industry contacts.The Recruiter has proficient level of Experience in IT & Non-IT Recruitment Process. Because of their analyzing and screening power, our clients are ready to work with us as soul agency.
Hence we are handling more than 200 fortune level of clients in all over Mumbai & Pune. Talents Hunter is that the recruitment agency that has the industry contacts to fill any position. For businesses and candidates to think about us within the highest conceive a dynamic company that brings strategy and innovation to any recruitment need.

Chosen as preferred and exclusive recruitment partner for providing almost 50 candidates across various skill sets and domain expertise.Tasks undertaken include mapping of skills within industry, sourcing of talent, co- ordination with management previous to interviews, during recruitment drive and after each interview, closure of offers, follow-up with candidates after offer stage and ‘hand-holding’ during entire operation

3. V4u Recruiters


5.Wenger & Watson Inc


7.Inspiration Manpower Consultancy

8.People Source

9.Target HR

10. Adecco

3) Job Hunt Websites

I am really not sure if these websites really work or not. As per my rough estimate, if you apply for 200 jobs, you may or may not get a call for an interview for one job. But there is no harm in trying. You really need to tailor-made your resume, cover letter, and email as per job opening to increase the chance of getting interview call.

4) Cold Calls

It is nothing but visiting directly to various companies and dropping your resume. It may work for small businesses like tax firm but it may not work for bigger entities.