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Born To Fly Kinda People Indulge In Parasailing In Goa

Born To Fly Kinda People Indulge In Parasailing In Goa

Parasailing In Goa

Goa is popular for its coastline, nightlife and water activities. Various water activities are conducted in Goa and one of them is Parasailing in Goa. Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity in which a person is towed with a boat and flies with the help of parasailing wings which reminds of open parachute.
This activity is also called as Parakiting or Parascending. Parasailing is one of the most safety water activity and doest any kind of training or skills. Those who are fond of flying can try parasailing in Goa. Bring emotions while flying that you get for few minutes will become a memory forever.
Everyone would love to be a part of unforgettable memory of Paragliding in Goa. Sea water sports will help you creating a good memory of parasailing in an affordable rate. You can parasail alone or experience with someone whom you want to share the memory and fun. The best time for Parasailing is after the monsoon from October to May when sky is all clear and the seas are placid. Parasailing is conducted in various beaches in Goa like Baga beach, Anjuna beach, Candolim beach, Majorda beach.
Parasailing in Goa is cheap activity compared to the same service in other countries of the world. Parasliding is done at Calangute beach by Sea water sports at very affordable rates. Calangute beach is a sandy beach with light color fine sand. This beach stretches for 7 km along the coast. It forms a coastline of half moon shape. Calangute beach is popular for multiple varieties of Sea Water Activities, including Parasailing.
Parasailing adventure in Goa is available from noon when the breeze changes its direction which is most convenient for Parasailing. A parasail and a boat is essential required for Parasailing. Rope is tied with the boat which is 300 feet in length. As soon as the boat started gaining speed the person tied to the parasail is lifted up in the air. It is very necessary to tightly tie the person with the parasail, otherwise the person may losses control over the sail.
The experience will be amazing viewing the vast coastline of Goa and its shimmering water from a height of above 300 feet. Parasailing in Goa is such an amazing experience that you are sure to remember for a lifetime at least. Sea water sports will provide you well trained instructors who will guide you. You will also be offered with snacks, mineral water, cold drink and many more.

Paragliding in Goa
4 Major Reasons you should try Parasailing in Goa once in your life
Parasailing in Goa is very cheap as compared to other water activities. It cost nothing to have a parasailing experience if you see at other water activities like Scuba diving or Jet Ski ride. It is affordable for everyone visiting Goa.
You will get to float in the air free of everything. Once you are maximum altitude, you float along at 30-50 stories in the air. This is as close as a person can get to flying without any kind of technology. There will be no plane, bulky things and no loud noises.
This activity relaxes you. you just have to sit and view the view the beautiful nature. This feels so relaxing and stress free. The feeling is so incredible.
Once you have parasailed, after that you won’t forget the amazing experience of feeling the floating through the air. For such effort, fruit is amazing.
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