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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

List of 15 Water Sports in Goa for Couples and Family

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         Adventure Water Sports Activities in Goa

The most popular adventurous Watersports Activities in Goa which will give you longtime memories within budget. Water Sports Activities in Goa includes parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, jet ski, snorkeling, river rafting with best services? 

Goa is a standout among the hottest tourist destination in India. The tiniest province of India without a doubt packs the biggest scope of joys for its guests. The long coastline is one of the main features of Goa, so are the water sports in Goa. Seeking for some thrill, you should not miss them out. It is an awesome approach to encounter extreme adrenaline surge. So prepare for ‘Sun, Sand and Sea’ and not to overlook the exciting water sports in Goa. Some of these enterprise sports are accessible consistently throughout the year while many are season particular. Here’s a small guide to must try water sports in Goa.

Goa, with its vast coastlines, sun-kissed beaches, no turbulent water makes it an ideal destination for Water activities in India. One can indulge in most exciting and adventurous water sports like scuba diving, windsurfing, skiing etc. For people wanting to feel the adrenaline rush can go for thrilling Water Sports Activities in Goa like parasailing, sunset cruises, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. The coasts of Goa with golden sand are open throughout the year, but in case you want to enjoy water sports, October to May is the best time of the year, when the climate is also pleasant and sea waters are also not choppy.

In case, you want to opt for any of the above-mentioned sports, Goa is just the right place to be in. Right from heart-stopping fast water sports like jet skiing to more comfortable ones like skiing, Goa has something for everyone. Read on to find out more about adventurous water activities in Goa.

Try Adventure Activities In Goa And Make Your Goa Trip Memorable 

India has a lot of tourists spots that attract adventure lovers from all over the globe. However, nowadays, the sad truth is that Indians itself look for a place outside the country to spend their vacation, without acknowledging the fact that their own country has a wide variety of tourist destinations. Why spend a hefty amount of money traveling abroad when you can explore beautiful places at a low budget within the country itself? In this article, we are specifically going to discuss in brief the place, Goa, and all the adventure activities in Goa that you can try on a reasonable budget.

Seawater sports have various adventure trip packages in Goa to offer you, you can choose any of the packages that suit your demands and necessities the most. Amongst the various water sports that you can try in Goa, Scuba diving in Goa , and snorkeling still remains the favorite. Hot air balloon, bungee jumping are some of the other adventures in Goa that you could try. Talking about water sports, Goa has the spotless water which makes it a perfect place to try out the sea water sports. There are many international as well as local tourists who visit here just to try one of the water sport.

The famous ones are Scuba diving, Jet ski, Snorkeling, paragliding, parasailing Goa is divided into two parts, namely South and North Goa. It is a conundrum to choose between the north and south Goa. Though both are awesome and both are specialized in its unique things and also visited by the tourists. The differences are, Whatever we hear about the nightclubs, pubs, dance floor, all of these falls in the North Goa whereas South Goa has a lot of isolated beaches. People travel here from various places to visit the Goan forts and beaches. The only way to explore these gems is by taking a tour to Goa.

Now that you are aware of all the adventure sports in Goa, it’s time for you to get in touch with your best buddies and plan your trip with the help of Sea Water Sports as soon as possible. Hurry up! BOOK NOW


Here Is the List of Water Sports In Goa

1. Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing is a standout amongst the most exciting water sports in Goa. Envision flying in the sky like a bird with the magnificent perspective of the ocean. Parasailing in Goa includes flying in the sky on a parasail tackle fastened to the speedboat by a long rope, around 30-40 m. As the speedboat hurries off into the water, you will be pulled up. The exquisite blue-sky above and the sparkling water beneath is hypnotizing Goa is a standout amongst the hottest tourist destination in India. The tiniest province of India. Parasailing is available on major beaches like Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna Beach, Calangute Beach, Colva Beachand Vagator Beach.

You might have read various articles and blogs related to Goa. Goa is undoubtedly a fun place to be In. Be it Christmas, New year, birthday celebrations or just a small hang-out with your loved ones, Goa can serve as a perfect location for any of these events. We at Sea Water Sports help you to make your stay in Goa even more memorable and fun-filled. We bring to you a wide variety of water-sport and Adventurous Activities in Goa that you can enjoy while you stay in Goa. Scuba diving in goa is the center of attraction for many people. In addition to scuba diving, we also bring to you the joy of parasailing.
Parasailing in Goa is one such activity that will surely fasten your heart beats. You will be able to enjoy the majestic view and landscapes of Goa as you sail over the sea. The experience of parasailing is sure to take your breath away. Your safety is our first and foremost priority. Hence we have trained experts and professionals who will be there with you through the entire activity and will ensure that your well being is taken care of. Also, we provide you with the best activities at the least possible price. Hence your trip to Goa will be a lot pocket-friendly with Sea Water Sports.

2. Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in goa

If you want to see an entirely different marine world, try out Scuba diving. Goa offers outstanding scuba diving sites near Grand Island. Explore the beautiful underwater marine life and get enchanted.

Goa can not only boast of a vast coastline but can also brag about its exotic and hypnotizing marine life. When in Goa, you definitely have to indulge in India’s best scuba diving. The experience of scuba diving will increase the magic of Goa manifold. Dive in water to get the glimpse of the scintillating world underwater, with its own collection of colorful fishes and species you might never have heard of. Opt for one of the PADI certified instructors who can guide you properly if you are a beginner. This is once in a lifetime experience so make you do not miss out on this one.

Scuba diving charges depend on the time and how deep one wants to go and the number of dives. Grande Islands, Suzy’s wreck, Bat Island, Pigeon Island, Navy Island are few places to try out scuba diving in Goa.

3. Snorkeling in Goa 

Snorkeling in Goa is on 3rd Rank because its realy popular and affordable water sports available in goa. Its adventurous water game to explore the marine world, Snorkeling in Goa must be incorporated into your schedule. This sport expects members to wear a diving mask and have a shaped tube called a snorkel. This enables the person to remain submerged for an impressive time span to watch the excellent marine life. View the schools of batfish, angelfish, barracudas, snappers, lionfish, and so forth. There are many war wrecks and other submerged marvels anticipating to be investigated.


Collect some unforgettable memories of your life on a yacht ride in Goa. Be a mute spectator to the beauty of the ocean and feel all the stress melting away in the serene surrounding of the Arabian Sea. Enjoy activities like fishing, snoozing, dining etc.


Looking for a water sport which is more soothing than thrilling? Bingo! Kayaking is for you. Explore the lush green mangroves, mudflats, backwaters, coves and mini bays using a paddle and a kayak. Kayaking is more hit along the South Goa beaches.

Wake Boarding

It is one of the latest water sports which is gradually becoming a hit amongst the tourists visiting Goa. Wakeboarding is preferred more to Waterskiing as it needs less speed and more focus is on balance, but winds are required in Wakeboarding.

Wind Surfing

Being one of the most widely favorite water sports in India, tourists visit Goa to experience windsurfing. It is a huge hit amongst the foreign visitors as they find it extremely adventurous and exciting.Windsurfing in Goa is yet another prominent water sport here. It is gradually gaining admiration and Goa is ideal for the learners. It blends the excitement of both – surfing and cruising. The fundamental necessity of the game is a surfboard of two to four meters in length and a solid breeze. The energy of the game thoroughly relies upon the breeze, generally, it’s windy in the morning, while in the evenings and nights the breeze gets tougher. Dona Paula is the best-known beach for the beginners of this sport.

Jet Skiing

Another exciting water adventure in Goa that you should attempt on your vacation is Jet Skiing in Goa. It gives such an adrenaline rush for visitors to Goa irrespective of their age. It is enjoyed by one and all with the feeling of the sea breeze in your face, small beads of water, speed and the vast spread of azure waters of Arabian Sea. There are numerous government and private agencies for this game. You can try jet skiing at Aguada, Colva, Calangute and Miramar beaches in Goa.

River Rafting

Water Sports in Goa

Goa not only has the waters of the ocean, there are numerous quick rivers plummeting from the Western Ghats. River rafting in Goa is one of the most energizing water sports in Goa that you should incorporate into your visit in case you are visiting Goa during monsoons. That’s when the thrill of river rafting is extreme. The flow gets turbulent after the downpours so you should definitely go for a visit at that point. The white frothing waters of the waterways are accessible in different levels of difficulty. Rafting down the exciting stretch will remain etched in your memory for long. Rafting is available on the Mhadaei River, Mandovi River, and Valpoi River.

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