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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

10 Beautiful Water Sports Destination In India

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10 Beautiful Water Sports Destination In India

India has become a perfect example of sea water sports in the world. Whether it is east, west, north or south, India has multiple options for Water Sports Destination. In India, there are various sports played that involve water. These activities are done under water, in water, or over water. These sports can be done by one person like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling or can be done by a group like rafting, boat racing, etc.
Here is the list of 10 beautiful destinations for water sports in India that will guide you through your adventure quest.

Water Sports Destination
Places for water sports:- Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Jet-Ski, Banana boat ride, Bumper boat ride and many more in Malvan and Alibaug.
River rafting in Kundaliki river in Kolad.
Places to stay:- Best cottages and hotels available.
Other places to visit:- Various forts and waterfalls.
Packages:- Malvan Combo Scuba and Watersports

Malvan is the Best Destination For Water Sports, situated in Maharashtra. It is a complete package in all. Sports activities like scuba diving, banana boat ride, bumper boat ride, snorkeling are worth a try. Visit Tsunami island in Malvan, for banana boat ride and bumper boat ride. You can also go for parasailing over there.

Alibaug is the best location in Maharashtra in witnessing dolphins. There is multiple organization who conducts dolphin sightseeing trips in the clear water of the Arabian Sea by speedboat. You can also go for Jetski in the waves of crystal clear Arabian Sea. This activity will be of too much fun. You can enjoy this sports with your children also as there are safety measures followed properly.

Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Water sports like a Banana ride, Speedboat, Bumper ride and many more in Calangute Beach.
Scuba diving in Grand Island.
Places to stay:- Best hotels available.
Other places to visit:- Dudhsagar waterfall, Crocodile Safari, Cruise Adventure.
Packages:- Advance Water Sports packages
Goa is the must-visit vacation spot in India. Every year international as well domestic visit for nightlife, white sand beaches and water sports done there. The major part of Tourism Visits in Goa for water sports. Tourist can participate in water sports in some chosen months of the year. No doubt, that Goa is the favorite destination whether they are couples or children. With the serene beaches and all the fun, Goa has been attracting tourism. Mostly tourist are mainly focused on coastal areas of Goa. Various water sports like snorkeling, banana ride, speed boat ride, bumper ride are held in those coastal areas. The days spent in Goa can become memories for life. Goa must be a smaller state, but its features are not less than anything.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- River Rafting and Kayaking in Rishikesh.
Waterskiing, boating, rowing in Dehradun.
Places to stay:- Best hotels available.
Other places to visit:- Corbett falls, Kedarnath temple, Ram jhula, Binsar wildlife sanctuary and many more.
1. Rishikesh
In India, Hrishikesh is known as the god of white water river rafting. River rafting is the fun water sport in which you have to fight with the speed of water. Hrishikesh is famous for it. You can try river rafting in the mother of a river, Ganga or there is various destination for it. Kayaking is also done in this city.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- River Rafting in Ladakh.
Paragliding, skiing in Pahalgam.
Water skiing in Dal and Nagin Lake.
Places to stay:- Various hotels and resorts are available.
Other places to visit:- Vaishnodevi temple in Katra, Patnitop hill station, Nubra valley in Ladakh and many more.
Ladakh gives you a great opportunity to experience and enjoy the beauty of nature. Ladakh offers a range of rafting option in the river of Indus. River rafting has become a great option for sightseeing in the list of tourist.
Water skiing is held in the lake of Dal and Nagin in Srinagar. Nagin lake is very popular for its clean water. Water skiing gives an opportunity to make a splash in the water. Dal lake as well as Nagin lake, both the lakes have trained instructors.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Boat ride in Chunnambar backwater.
Scuba diving in 4 Corners, The hole.
Surfing at Paradise and Serenity Beach.
Places to stay:- Beautiful beachfront resort are available.
Various hotels and guest houses are there.
Other places to visit:- Raj Niwas, Rock Beach, Promenade, Paradise Beach and many more.
For those to love to catch the wind in the waves, go for surfing at Paradise beach or Serenity beach in Pondicherry. Paradise and Serenity beaches are two of the main spot in Pondicherry. Surfing has its own feature, once you have balanced your surf, just then go with the flow. Scuba diving is one of the wonderful things to do in Pondicherry. In Pondicherry, the sites of Scuba diving ranges from 5m to 40m. You can go for it, but it will not as good as Goa. Feeling of viewing Goa is the thing that everyone should once in a life.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Surfing, Kite surfing, Windsurfing in Mahabalipuram.
Places to stay:- Hotels available
Other places to visit:- Marina beach, Shore temple, Meenakshi Amman temple
One can go for sports like Surfing, Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing at Mahaballipuram beach. There is a surf school in Mahaballipuram beaches called as Mumu surfing school. Mumu is well and well-trained advisor for surfing.

Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Kayaking in Kerala Backwaters.
River crossing at Munnar.
Banana boat ride, Wave runner, Boating at Payyambalam beach.
Places to stay:- Lodges, Villa hotels are available.
Other places to visit:- Houseboat in Alleppey, Tea gardens, Kashi Art gallery and many more.
You can go for various water sports activities at Payyambalam beach in Kannur. Boating, Wave runner, Banana boat ride are held there. Kannur is one of the old district of Kerala witnesses Payyambalam beach.
Munnar is a town situated in Kerala. You can go for river crossing here. One crossing river will be tied to a safety rope. In this activity, you just have to use your hands to pull yourself to reach another side of a river with the help of a rope.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Underwater sea walking, Scuba diving, Snorkeling at Elephant beach.
Banana boat riding, Dolphin watching at Havelock Island.
Surfing at Little Andaman.
Places to stay:- Best lodges, hotels are available.
Other places to visit:- Limestone caves, Samudrika Marine museum
The crystal clear water at Elephant beach makes perfect for sports likes Scuba diving or Snorkeling or Underwater sea walking. You can spot various fishes, lobster or coral reef. Dolphin seeing is another favorite activity in Andaman. View the dolphins from the different angles. Or you can also view the nature with your loved ones through Banana boat ride. At a time, 6 people can go for a ride.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Diving in Kavaratti.
Wind snurfing, Scuba diving, Kayaking in Bangaram Island.
Places to stay:- Various resorts, cottages, hotels are available.
Other places to visit:- Marine Museum, Various island such as Agatti Island, Kalpeni Island.
Kavaratti island is the capital of Lakshwadeep Island. It is well known for its white sand and calm lagoons. One can go diving in this island. You can spot various fishes. It is well known for turtles and soft coral sharks. You can also spot Turtle Nest, where you will be able to see different types of turtles. You may get there scuba diving, but it is really different to do scuba diving at goa.
Water Sports Destination
Places to visit:- Banana boat ride, water surfing, Kayaking in Karwar island.
Dubare and Coorg river rafting.
Boating for children, Jet-ski, Parasailing in Panambur Beach.
Places to stay:- Various homestay, cottages are available.
Other places to visit:- Bandipur National park, Coorg hill station, Mysore city.
Water sports available in Karwar are Kayaking, Banana boat ride, water surfing. This island has a perfect tropical backdrop, deep water, and swift waves. It also wide sightseeing an option. Karwar island is an absolutely correct option for Water sports in Karnataka.
Dubare river is located in the forest and also known for its elephant training camping. One can go for river rafting. Dubare river has 2 rafting option i.e. 8.5 km and 12 km run. There you can view a thick forest with sublime beauty.

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