Top 10 Recruitment Consultants agency for Fresher

Recruitment Consultants who help Fresher to Get Jobs,how to find perfect jobs

Recruitment agencies might sound big and scary, but whether you're on the search for a part time job, summer job, or your first graduate role, they can seriously place you company where you can utilize your skill and you can build your career on fast track..
You might have a very impressive resume  and with sharp cover letter, but finding those roles and bagging an interview is still a serious task.
Many of that recruitment agencies are only for those in senior positions, but recruiters can actually help you find full-time, part-time or temping opportunities,also for fresher no matter what stage of your career you're at.
If you're keen to know which Consultants help you to find your dream job go on below, or nervous about taking that first step, this guide has the low down on everything you need to know, as well as a list of the best recruitment agencies for students.
Here is the list of Recruitment Consultants in Mumbai who will help you to find your first job.
Talents Hunter team is Involved entirely of experienced recruitment professionals who have a highly developed network of recruitment industry contacts.The Recruiter has proficient level of Experience in IT & Non-IT Recruitment Process. Because of their analyzing and screening power, our clients are ready to work with us as soul agency.
Talents Hunter has 3 office in Mumbai it self
Contact Name and number : Aditya Pandey 
Email id :

2 : ABC Consultants
ABC Consultants is the pioneer of organised recruitment in India. Our roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment.
ABC consultants has office in Mumbai Delhi
T: +91 22 6662 3700
3 :Conscript HR Advisor
From inception, Conscript was formed as a Company that would bridge the gap between Companies and Resources (Human) to speed and qualify the process of Talent Acquisition and Permanent Staffing. With this intent in mind, Conscript embarked upon its journey into IT Staffing (end-to-end) where we helped Clients with activities that other recruitment companies dreamed of doing. We were and still Are our Client’s First Choice when it comes to Candidate Profiling; Resume Sourcing, Interview Co-ordination, First-round Interview Selection and Offer to Joinee.
This decade brought with itself very trying times and two gut-wrenching recessions that took a heavy toll on most Companies – Big and Small. But, Conscript armed with its Dynamic Workforce, Strong Work Ethic and "Client-First" agenda sailed through the rough patches with ease, which is why we are yet associated with Clients with whom we took our first baby steps into Permanent and Contract Staffing. Conscript today stands tall and proud to have ventured into other verticals and tasted immense success with such clients as well.
Vijay P :- 7506213637
Email Id :

4 : Rajab Manpower Solution
As an organization into consulting people, we are devoted to create and preserved a constructive variation to your recruitment and staffing needs. Rajab Manpower Consultants provides specialized services into head hunting, recruitment solutions for shut down and long terms projects, temporary staffing, executive search, project based RPO hiring, sourcing through campus placements etc. We had earned this gratitude by serving consummate customer service and proficient human resources to varied industries, irrespective of all sizes in India and across globe, especially into Middle Eastern countries. As an ovation to our services many of our clients are associated with us for long time and major of our businesses are through referrals from existing clients.
Tel: +91 22 40231144
5 :Infinity Group
We are Infinity Group, leading Manpower Consultancy Organization which provides Manpower Services to all Industries, MNCs, Limited / Private Limited Companies, Firms etc. for their IT & Non-IT Functions. We provides several human resource solutions to our clients & candidates catering to the entire employment and business process.

Call  +91-9873368278

6 :Job Vision Consultants

Job Vision Consultants got established in the year of 2011. The firm is established in the area of recruitment services. We offer recruitment services to companies in different lines of operation like aviation, IT, steel and power, oil and gas, engineering, automobile, real estate, retail, pharmaceutical, and FMCG.

+91 8744800051

for jobs in any city also contact to talents hunter team

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