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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

How To Find Jobs Specially for Fresher in IT / NON IT Sector

I am getting an increasing number of emails from freshers who are looking to find jobs on Suddh News, and since that is obviously not possible – I am going to write about the steps a fresher should take to find jobs.
I know that this is not relevant for most of our community members here, but if you have some advice for freshers, please leave a comment below.

Are there enough jobs for freshers?

I think this is the question that looms large for all freshers who are not placed from the campus. If you don’t get placed right out of campus, then things are going to be a bit harder for you, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. I think back to my own placement days and think of all the needless drama that unfolded in those few days.
The important thing to remember is that it is only a matter of time that you get a job. It can be a bit depressing at times, but keep your chin high and keep looking. Though things can may look gloomy now, in a career that will span for tens of years – a few months here and there won’t matter much.
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at what you should do in order to find a job.

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What is the first thing a fresher should do to find a job?

The first thing is to make a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) for yourself. You will need a resume to approach people who are in a position to give you a job. This has to be the first thing you do. There are several sample fresher resumes online, and you can model your own on any of these.
There is no point in contacting recruiters if you can’t leave your resume with them. If you don’t have one, then write one now.

Contact all friends and relatives

Finding your first job can be intimidating, and you want all the help you can get. Place calls to all your friends and relatives who could help you out. Send them your resumes and ask for help.
If you know people who are working for big companies, send your resume and ask them to upload it on their company job portal, and keep their eye open for walk – in interviews, and other company emails about jobs that match your educational background.
Get a decent email id
It is time to get a real email id now. You will need to email several recruiters, companies, friends and such, and you don’t want your potential recruiter to see that you thought the word freak would look cool as part of your email address.
Upload your resume on several job portals
Sending emails to random site owners will not help freshers (or anyone for that matter) in landing a job much, but creating an account on a job portal can go very far.
There are several popular sites that help you find jobs in India, and you should create an account in all of those. Here are some popular Indian job sites.

Atal Rojgar
Times Jobs
Monster India

Apply jobs through these portals
Once you create the account, the next step is to search for jobs related to your educational background. Put in a few keyword variations and apply for the jobs that appear in the results. Persevere at this, keep applying for jobs and actively check your email for replies. When you get a reply, respond promptly and don’t forget to attach your resumes and answer all the questions they ask in their email.
Keep an eye out for walk in interviews
Companies conduct walk in interviews for freshers, and although these can get crowded, it is a good place to hunt for jobs and increases your employment chances.
It can get a little daunting to finish your education and find yourself without a job, but remember that this situation is only temporary, and eventually you will find something which will be a good stepping stone for your career. Follow these tips, and all the best!

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