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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Did you know subhash chandra bose was rejected by congress

In 1938 Subhash Chandra Bose defeated the duo of Gandhi and Nehru and was reelected the president of Congress in 1939. However, seeing his popularity Gandhiji told him to step down. Bose wanted direct action and freedom while Nehru wanted a pacifist approach and sharing power with the British. 

However within his 1 year tenure Bose made the public mood shift from power sharing to Purna Swaraj ie complete independence.
This was the first defeat of democracy when an elected candidate was made to make way for somebody else. Gandhi told that Bose ways are not what he fights for. Bose obeyed him and that is when a rift started between the east and north India as Bose was popular amongst the entire East India. Whole of Orissa and Bengal protested but Subhash Chandra Bose a man of honour quit silently.

But divide and rule again played a major role. Knowing very well that if Nehru replaced Bose he would draw lot of flak, Gandhi made Dr. Rajendra Prasad congress's president. And thus making bihar go against the agitation in the east and successful in calming down the protest.
Ironically in 1942 the same Gandhi Nehru duo would demand the same Purna Swaraj for which a patriot like Bose was betrayed.
Again in 1947 it was Gandhi who made sure Nehru becomes the first PM of free India and thus ignoring yet another deserving candidate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who single handedly integrated the entire India.

Nehru is a person who was born with a silver spoon. He went to a school to study but didn't like the benches. Motilal kept a separate bench for him which was cushioned. However when other students sat on it and Nehru was bullied. Motilal made all seats in the class cushioned. This was when entire country was a slave of British.

The truth is Nehru never actually saw struggle in his whole life. He got everything served in platter, first his rich father and then a influential Guru in Gandhi and later good army to run the government. He got everything.

He was not dumb though. He was selfish for himself. He surely never cared about the country. He had not even iota of traits of becoming a PM.  He was a Rahul Gandhi with brain. He applied, approved and awarded himself Bharat Ratna. Okay he was little dumb.

Not to forget his blunders on Kashmir, arunachal, China etc. Even after independence Mountbatten through his wife made sure Nehru does what he says. There was one good trait of Netas those days that if they were verbally and logically countered they gave in and had to reverse their decisions. None of them were as cunning, shameless and evil as Netas presently. Fortunately there were people like Sardar Patel who tried to keep him in check.

Point is do we want our children to have such a Man as their idol in future ? I reject to celebrate children's day on the birthday of a spoilt rich brat who worked on behest of British.

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