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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Tiger -Things you should know about Tigers

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Tiger is the most unique and powerful animal on earth. As far as you know about the tiger, perhaps the history of a garden is even more strange and overlooked than that.
There are already three subspecies of extinct tiger. These species come with Caspian, Balinese and Javan tigers.

Below are some unique and extraordinary information

  • Stripes are unique to each tiger and can be used to identify tigers, the way human beings have streaks.
  • The word "tiger" means the arrow in the original Persian language.
  • Half of the birth cubs are always beyond two years of age.
  • The Siberian Tiger is the largest in all subspecies and the weight.
  • Tigers use urine to mark their area.
  • Generally sprinkled urine can also communicate with other tigers whether urine sprayer is of male or female, is foreign or is local or receptive to sexual intercourse.
  • From the life of the tiger, it shows that the tigers have lived on Earth for some 2 million years.
  • An adult male tiger consumes approximately 150 kg of meat every month.
  • From the old artwork in the cave in the mountains, it shows that the tigers have lived on Earth for some 2 million years.
  • The white tigers are actually a genetic mutation and are not a subspecies.
  •  All white tigers are of Bengal sub-species located in India
  • The lion has to make 20 attempts to hunt an animal.
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  • It spends most of its time hunting.
  • Tiger food is eaten in intervals every four or five days. For this reason, it is meant to try to eat as often as possible.
  • Tigers are excellent swimmers
  • In a recent survey organized by the Animal Planet, tigers were cited as one of the favorite animals.
  • A tiger can be a powerful leap more than 10 meters.
  • Tiger is one of the zodiacal animals of Chinese.
  • In India, tigers are considered as a vehicle of Mata Durga.

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