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Kedarnath Temple (Shiva Temple in india )

Kedarnath Temple (Shiva Temple in india )

Kedarnath Temple is 3000 years old according to Hindu belief. Lord Shiva Temple Kedarnath temple was built after the end of the Mahabharata by Pandavas. Twenty-two verses engraved in Sanskrit on two walls in the temple boundary give rise to its beauty. The exact date of the construction of the temple in ancient literature has not been mentioned. But if we look at scientific evidence, then at least 3,000 years of age can be considered.
But you are surprised to know that this Shiva Temple was completely submerged under the vast leg of ice for nearly 400 years from 14th century to 1748 AD. According to the scientists, the Kedarnath temple was pressed into the ice for 400 years, but nothing has been done to this temple, so now scientists are not surprised that how to save this temple in the fresh water situation. The Kedarnath temple may have faced many floods, but this temple is still in its place.

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The Shiva Temple construction is also mentioned in the Mahabharata.
A story from the Mahabharata period tells the evidence in which the Pandavas forced Lord Shiva to become bull. This is mentioned in the Mahabharata.
Krishna said that only these and only Mahadev Shiva can give salvation to these sins, so go to the refuge of Bholenath. Mahadev, who is a Goddess of the Gods, is aware of the fact that when the Pandavas are approaching him, he did not want to meet Pandavas. Mahadev believed that it was wrong to kill the brothers and brothers for Pandavas to get the state. And Bholenath was changing his place all the time.

Here Pandavas had the knowledge that only Mahadev can help them, so Pandavas were also determined in their mind that in every situation, they have to get Mahadev and know from them the way to salvation. Pandavas reached Kedranath after pursuing Mahadev. Mahadev saw that Pandavas had come to Kedranath, then they started looking for solutions to avoid them, only then their sight went to the herd of animals and he joined the herd as a bull to conceal his identity.
It was difficult for Pandavas to recognize Mahadev from the herd of animals. Mahabali Bhim then stood by standing between two mountains. All the other brothers started firing animals from Bhima's feet. All the animals ran under the feet of Bhima, but it was inappropriate for Mahadev to get out of the middle of the feet and Mahadev stood there and Pandavas recognized Shiva.
Just what was it, Mahadev used to assemble in the form of a bull. Bhima caught hold of the Goddess of the bull as soon as possible. Mahadev was forced to appear and had to be freed of sin by seeing the determination and determination of the Pandavas. Even today, the evidence of this incident is present in Kedarnath's Shivalinga as a bull's hut.

When Shiva was living in the form of a bull, he took out the part of his head in Nepal, which is worshiped as Pashupatinath. Shiva's arms appeared in Tungnath, Mukund Rudranath, Nabhi in Madmeshwar and Jata Kalpeshwar. All these are known jointly by the name of Panchkedar.

You would be surprised to know that till 850 CE, there was no trace of snow or glacier in this area, now how is the shape of snow around the temple?

If the scientists believed that the temple of Kedarnath was suppressed in the ice for 400 years, but still he was safe. From the 13th to the 17th century i.e., for a little over 400 years, a little ice age came, in which a large area of ​​Himalaya was buried under the ice. The Kedarnath Baba Temple was also in the snowy area of ​​the Himalayas.
According to the scientists, the Kedarnath temple was pressed into the ice for 400 years, but nothing has been done to this temple, so now scientists are not surprised that how to save this temple in the fresh water situation.

Scientists believe that despite the 400 years of Kedarnath's temple being buried under the ice, this temple was safe, but when the snow stopped behind it, the mark of its withdrawal is present in the temple. This conclusion is based on the basis of which many scientists have studied.

According to the scientists, the walls and stones of the temple are still marked on it. These marks are made of glashier rubbing. Glashier keeps slipping all the time They not only slip but they also weigh with them and with them many rocks, due to which all the items in their path are rubbing. When the temple is being pressed into the ice for 400 years, think about how much of the glacier's snow and stone rubbles it will be.

recently our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited the Kedarnath in Uttarakhand, prayed for "India's progress" and well-being of the people of the country. The revelation was made by the Prime Minister on Twitter when asked by a user about what he prayed for at the shrine. 
"India's progress and well-being of all Indians," the PM tweeted.

The point is at that time when the Mahabharata war was over and the five Pandavas were reviewing the loss of the roof in battle with Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna told Pandavas that even if you have won in the war, you have become the killer of Guru and your brothers and sisters. You have committed a sin which makes it impossible to get salvation. On this, the Pandavas asked for a solution to get rid of sin.

The irregularities of floods in Kedarnath temple Uttarakhand had to be faced.

The walls and pillars are nearly one meter thick, the ceiling is very strong, without a solid stone-shaped, without concrete, cement or iron joints.
During the last 18,000 years, the Earth has experienced countless climate fluctuations-from hot-wet conditions to Little Ice Age. What we have seen in the Himalayas is a result of this infection.

According to scientists, its marks also inside the temple

The Prime Minister visited the famous temple before laying the foundation stone of a slew of development projects in the region.