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Friday, 26 October 2018

How to do Chhath Pooja

How to do Chath Pooja

Chhath Puja is a special place in Hinduism which is celebrated exactly after 6 days of Deepawali.

It is the law of fasting the chhath puja of the Shukla party of the Kartik month.
There is such a belief in Hindu religion that this worship done by true mind is fulfilled by all the pleasures and happiness in the family increases.
Mother pray to Chhat Maiya for the long life of her son. There is mention of Chhath Puja in Veda, especially in Atharva Veda.
Chhath is an ancient worship law which is devoted to the Sun God. a It is such worshiping act which has been considered beneficial in scientific terms. If you take a look at the history of Chhath Puja, it was started in the Mahabharata period by the Kunti worship of the sun and the son is considered from the time of Karna's birth. It is believed that Chatha Devi is the sister of Sun God and considers Chhath Puja to please them. Chhath Puja is celebrated by Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, but now even in foreign countries, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

You will be surprised to know the people that Chhath Pooja is only worship which is more harsh than other worship method. It is also in practice to follow the rules in the fast. In which three days of rigorous fasting, eating saltless food on the day of Panchami, fasting in water, fasting to the sacrament, and worshiping the sun by worshiping the Sun by worshiping the sun. On the day of women's Saptami, baths are done by visiting the Kala river or pond. When the sun rises, by taking half the water, it takes the water and opens the fast.

On the occasion of Chhath Puja, on the occasion of the first evening, the idol of  Chatthi Devi  is done by making earthen statues. Against Arghya, the holy women worship and immerse themselves. It is believed that from the evening of Panchami, the arrival of Goddess Bhagwati is made in the house. In this way, this divine veneration of the Suryadev is attained with the attainment of the worship of both the Shakti and the Brahma together. That is why this festival is popularly known as Surya Chhathi in the people.
The festival of Chhath is celebrated for three days. It starts on the fourth day of Chhath two days before which fasting is kept for two days. The specialty of this festival is that it can be kept by any member of the house and not celebrated in any temple or religious place, and is celebrated in front of the godavari (pooja) and natural water in his house. For three days of this festival, women are preparing for many days. On this occasion, all the members of the house take very much care of cleanliness, where there is a worship place where they are washed away. This is not the case for all three members of the house In front of Deokan sleeps on the ground.

On the first day of the festival, 'Nahay-Khay' is prepared in order to be offered in worship, in which all kinds of seasonal fruits, banana's full gourd (dish), specially prepared dish at this festival (in Bihar) It is said that it is like millet flour and jaggery made of jaggery and sesame seeds, coconut, radish, pale, walnut, almonds, coconut, red / yellow cloth to carry on it, a big pot on which Twelve lamps will start Twelve trees of Nine etc. On the first day, women wash their hair and feed the rice, gourd and Chickpea dal and keep all the items of worship in Deokari and prepare for the fasting the next day.

Fasting is kept on the second day for the second day on the day of Chhath, and in the evening, after making a bucket of sugarcane juice in the evening, five places are distributed in the kokasha (pottery) in Deokkari. Afterwards, Bakhir is eaten as a prasad and it is distributed among relatives.

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