राष्ट्रीय एकता : अब २ रुपये में भी नहीं मिलती

National Integration: now no more than Rs 2

Friends Today's article is too small but the truth of the government and the horrific activity in our country is probably also true.

Since childhood, we have been hearing that the cinema society has an Ayano, if so, the truth or reality of the society is the film.

Similarly, due to the ups and downs of our country's economy, there is also a change in currency printing and currency changes.

Would you like to ask that you have seen many coins and notes since childhood and must have noticed

Sometimes even small things tell us the truth or give lessons or just say that they get to learn.

Now come to the issue:

You have seen a coin of 2 rupees everyday, comes from your hands and goes to the other's hands but you see it; If not seen till now, the first coin used to come in Hexagon, in which the Ashoka pillar above 2 rupees and the back of my India country map was seen with the Tricolor and it got the national integration written "NATIONAL INTEGRATION". Today this coin You rarely get to see

It would be interesting to tell you that since the independence of India, only in 2004, it was printed in our country. After that, its image disappeared from our system and in this place the coins of steel in the shape of the cross should be seen as a cross Took it.

2004 This year was the last year of our Atal ji's government, after the 10 years of UPA or Congress's time of the coming government. Whatever you have lost in these ten years, if you remember, then you have the right meaning of this article. Will understand.

What has happened in this government is that even the cost of two rupees is not in the unity of our country, at least we can see it in our hands. How many great men of Nauja have given this place within themselves, "Netaji, Sardar Patel" Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ".

Today whenever this coin comes in my hands try to save it because it is only my heritage of India.

The same thing happened with the coin of one rupee, the earring which was the symbol of the farmer was now reduced to flower.

I hope you like this article.