बाबू बंधू सिंह : तरकुलहा देवी मंदिर

Tarakulaha Devi temple is located in Gorakhpur district, which is 5 km away from Chhari Chaura place. The Tarakulah Devi temple is the main religious place for Hindu devotees.

This is before the first independence war of 1857. The forest used to be in the area. From here, the Gurra passed through the river. In this forest, the Bandhu Singh used to live in Dumri principality. On the banks of the river, he used to worship the Goddess by establishing his body under the tree of palm tree. Tarakulah Devi was the goddess of Babu Bandhu Singh.

In those days, the blood of every Indian was heard listening to the stories of oppression of the British. When Bandhu Singh grew up, he started burning fire against the British in his heart. Bandhu Singh guerrilla was special in the fight, so whenever any English passed through that forest, the Bandhu lnched him and killed him by dedicating his head and devoted his mother to the feet o
At first, the British thought that their soldiers were going missing in the forest, but they gradually came to know that the British soldier were hunting the lions. The British searched the corner of the forest in search of them but bandhu Singh did not come to them. Due to the publicity of a businessman in the area, the bandhu singh of the British climbed the arms of the British

The British arrested him and presented him in court where he was sentenced to death, on 12 August 1857, was hanged publicly on the Ali Nagar intersection in Gorakhpur. It is said that the British tried to hang them six times but they were not successful. After this, bandhu Singh himself, while meditating on Goddess mother, demanded that the mother should let her go. It is said that Devi heard the prayer of bandhu Seen and the British were successful in hanging them for the seventh time. Amar Shahid also built a memorial to honor the lion.

It is the only temple in the country where mutton is given in the form of prasad. bandhu singh, who started the tradition of raising the head of the British, is still running here. Now goat goats are sacrificed here, after which goat meat is cooked in pottery and distributed in the form of prasad and bati is also given. Although in ancient times, there was tradition that sacrificed in several temples of the Goddess, but at the same time, this tradition was closed from almost everywhere but it is still in the temple of Tarakulah Devi, although there is a lot of controversy on this and it is closed The case is also going on in the court to get it done.