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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Kailashnath Temple Ellora - Shiva Temple in India

Kailashnathar Temple or Kailashnath Temple is a Hindu temple located in Kanchipuram. Shiva Temple in India is located in the west side of the city. Kailashnathar Temple or Kailashnath Temple is one of the oldest and most glorious temples of Kanchipuram in India! This temple was built in the eighth century by Raja Rajshim of Pallava dynasty on the prayer of his wife. The front part of the temple was constructed by King's son Mahendra Verman III. In the temple, the daily competition of Goddess Parvati and Shiva is depicted.

The complex of the temple is made of sand stone and on this, the gold carving is an example of the magnificent craftsman's skill at that time. Temple architecture
Art is of Dravidian style, which was quite common in the buildings and structures of that time. Therefore, the goddess of the temple and the pole feet have many gods and goddesses.
The temple is well known for its plane or flute with spectacular architectural art, which is just above the unpublished small temple. There are many such panels in the temple
On whom the statue of Lord Shiva is carved in the form of Nataraja. Shivbhakta comes to this temple every year.

Some interesting things:

  • In the 8th century, King Narsingh Verman of Pallava Dynasty constructed a Kailashnathar temple for request of his wife. The fa├žade of this temple was constructed by Raja's son Mahendra Verman II.
  • The work of the temple started in the time of Narasimha Verman II and it was completed in the time of Mahendra Verman II
  • This temple shows the constant competition of Shiva and Parvati.

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